• Can we take this opportunity to thank all our clients who have already visited Bliss since we reopened on July 4th your support and gratitude is much appreciated.
  • Colour can’t be booked online at the moment but we are offering all Colour Services in the salon so the easiest way is to telephone the salon or email.
  • The reason for this is our appointment times are changing all the time to accommodate as many clients as possible in the safest way.
  • Appointment times have changed so we can accommodate more clients without jeopardising the safety and comfort of all concerned.
  • All salon services are now available but times and price may differ.
  • Face Coverings for clients is optional, this is because there is still lots of room between salon chairs and backwash seats, but all of our staff will be wearing Visors.
  • We are offering complimentary bottled water,  the bottled is cleaned with anti bacterial wipes, plastic cup is also provided.
  • We are hoping to offer coffee and tea in the near future.

Online booking now open

As from the 8th August it is law that people wear a Face Covering, hairdressers are no longer exempt so we would ask you to wear one, we
can provide one if required.

Please check our new procedures for the safety and comfort of clients and staff

Bliss Hairdressing New Procedures

  • We have carried out a Risk Assessment with our staff covering electrical, hazards and new hygiene procedures.
  • We have also had One-To-One meetings to ensure they all feel safe coming back to work
  • All hygiene products and equipment are now in the salon
  • Face Masks, Visor’s, disposable towels and gowns, gloves, Hand Sanitiser, Bacterial Wipes and sprays, the use of Saloncide to constantly clean all hairdressing equipment.
  • Social Distancing measures and extended appointment times are in place which means we can only accommodate 60% of our normal capacity
  • Cleaning and waste dispensing systems are in place
  • Some salon services we will not be able to offer due to time differences .

List of procedures for Clients

  • Please do not attend your appointment if you are feeling unwell
  • Stand outside the door until we guide you into the salon
  • Clients to wash or Sanitise their hands on arrival
  • Please wear a face mask we can provide one if needed
  • Clients must sit at the styling station straight away
  • Coat covers for the wardrobe will be provided
  • No Refreshments just bottle water
  • No magazines
  • No Cash
  • All card payments at the Station
  • If possible use bank transfer in salon
  • There will be extended appointment times
  • Please do not handle any Retail products ask a member of staff


Bliss Hairdressing